You Can't Log In?

On attempting to log into Betfair you may experience one of a number of common log on errors. We have listed them to provide you with the most common errors and solutions.
  1. You are using incompatible characters in your password such as &%+=';£<>" or any language specific characters such as Chinese or Japanese script style.
  2. For KingTrader to function correctly it needs to take the current time and date from your PC. Visit the Date, Time, Language and Regional Options in your control panel and check that the date and time is correctly formatted. Here are some guides on how to change the date and time on the most common Operating Systems:
  3. You are behind a proxy server.
  4. If You use bulit-in form for logging and You have activated 2-step authentication, You must add the authentication code to the end of your password with no space between them.
  5. Betfair is offline, please check webiste.
  6. Try temporarily switching off the firewall or internet security software and restart KingTrader to see if now allows you to log in. If so, reconfigure your firewall to grant KingTrader full access to the internet.
  7. Check your Internet Explorer version, if it's lower then 11 please update Internet Explorer.
  8. Delete setts.set file and try to login again. This file remembers your settings values and you will need to set it again once you login. File location is: C:\Users\YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\KingTrader\KingTrader
  9. If You have any difficulties with logging contact us ( with short description of the problem You experience or error message You get when You try to login, and we will activate Your registration manually.